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Governing Body response to EFA

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The Durand Academy is disappointed by the EFA’s decision, but not surprised. The EFA have waged a campaign against Durand for a number of years which has had nothing but a detrimental effect on the education of our children, whose interests we have always put first. The campaign has been characterised by misrepresentation, half-truths and inaccuracies. We have made representations to the Secretary of State regarding the EFA’s conduct, but these have been ignored. The Durand Academy will continue to fight this decision as we feel strongly that unless we are vindicated the future education of this country’s children will suffer and that the principle must be established that a self-governing Academy has the right to make a profit and surpluses for the benefit of the children in its care and to use this profit and surpluses as it sees fit to improve the facilities on offer to its children and their local community. It is through this philosophy that Durand has been able to found and fund the country’s only free-state boarding school which is offered for the use of all its pupils.

The Academy would also like to point out that after a long and exhaustive forensic examination of their financial records by PricewaterhouseCoopers, no financial wrongdoing was uncovered. The Academy stands by its ex-head, Sir Greg Martin (who was knighted for his services to education) and will fight today’s EFA decision, and any slur on Sir Greg Martin’s character or good name, as well as the character and good name of the Academy and any of the staff involved who are dedicated to the education of their pupils, as a matter of principle.

The Academy feels today’s action is motivated not by a desire to see the best for the children in the Academy’s care, but by personal and political discomfort at an Academy fulfilling its remit – i.e. providing educational excellence at the same time as financial security.


Issued today, 11/10/16 at 19:30, for immediate release


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