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Durand pupils excel in ‘tougher’ SATs

Year 6 pupils at Durand Academy have once again beaten the national averages for SATs performance.


Building on the successes of previous pupils, Year 6 children achieved scores well above the national averages, especially in Maths where 100% of pupils achieved the expected standard.

In Reading, 96% of pupils reached the expected standard and 98% did in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. These results are significantly higher than national averages and are likely to be among the very best set of results across the country.


Despite the number of children achieving the expected standard dropping across the nation due to SATs being made ‘tougher’ by the Government, pupils at Durand bucked this trend and excelled in all areas.

Durand 2016 National 2016
Reading 96% 66%
SP&G 98% 72%
Maths 100% 70%


These results are a testament to the hard work of our pupils, along with the drive and determination of our teachers and parents.

Mark McLaughlin, Durand’s Interim Executive Headteacher, said:

“Durand Academy has always had high aspirations for children in Lambeth, and our consistent approach and high expectations mean that children leave Durand with the skills to set them up for life; ambition to succeed, ability to communicate and above all the hunger to learn.

“Our fantastic SATs performance in these new, ‘tougher’ SATs exams is a clear demonstration of our commitment to excellence and I would like to thank parents, staff, and more importantly, the bright, enthusiastic and inspiring children for all their hard work.”