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There is a huge amount of interest in Durand’s innovative boarding school project. In this section Mr Taylor, our Head of Boarding, answers some of the key questions parents have about our St Cuthman’s site.

Why open a boarding school?

At Durand we believe that our pupils deserve the same opportunities as those enjoyed by those in the fee-paying sector. Our boarding school ensures that we can offer an excellent education to our pupils in a supportive and well-structured environment, all the way through from nursery age to adulthood.

Where is the boarding school?

The boarding achool is based on the former St Cuthman’s site in West Sussex. It is 52 miles from our sites in Stockwell. The nearest village to St Cuthman’s is Midhurst, which is just over 3 miles away.

How do children get to and from the boarding school?

Boarders leave on a Monday morning from our Hackford Road site in Stockwell and travel by coach to St Cuthman’s. They return on a Friday afternoon. We use a coach company based in Midhurst for all our travel requirements.

How are children looked after at the boarding school?

We are responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our pupils with regard to their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and this is a responsibility that we take seriously. A key focus for the boarding team is to create an environment in which pupils feel safe, respected and valued. As Head of Boarding I am in overall charge of all matters relating to health and safety in the boarding house. I encourage children to talk to me or other staff members if they have any concerns. A counsellor also regularly visits the school. Please view our General Information page for further information about how we look after children at the boarding school.

Will I be able to be in contact with my child while they are at the boarding school?

Yes. Children are permitted access to their mobile phones. There is also a school phone which pupils can use to call parents.

Where do boarders sleep?

Boarders sleep in small dormitories inside the main building. Boys and girls sleep on separate floors.

How many children are at the boarding school?

There are currently 75 children at the boarding school. These are Year 9 and 10 pupils.

Do children leave the boarding school during the week?

The boarding school is 3 miles from the nearest village so children only leave the site on organised trips and visits. We are keen to build positive relationships with local communities and our pupils are known for being polite and respectful. Our boarders also leave the site to play sports fixtures against other schools.

What facilities are available at the school?

The St Cuthman’s site has a lot of open, green area. We have a full sized football pitch, rugby pitch and netballs courts. We also have a vegetable garden where children are learning to grow food for the school.

Where can I find further information?

More information about the boarding school is available the Boarding area of the website, or you can contact the school on info@durandacademy.com if you have any further questions.