durand academy

Dining Room information

All main meals are served in the dining hall. Senior students who are Prefects and Monitors within the school manage the general dining room environment along with a duty staff member at every meal.

All students must register at every meal and staff will endeavour to ensure that all are eating a balanced diet.

Breakfast: Breakfast at school is different every day. During the week there is always a choice of cereal, tea and coffee and fruit juice, along with a hot meal option and porridge in the winter months.

Lunch: There is a wide range of choices for lunch. Along with a salad bar, soup option and fruit choices, there is always a dessert which will be either a hot or cold option. There are generally two options for a hot dish as well as a vegetarian choice.

Supper: Supper generally consists of a hot dish as well as a vegetarian option, plus a pasta option. There is a dessert and a salad is available to have with supper as well. Additionally, there is a supply of bread and milk.  Pupils can help themselves to toast and hot drinks in the evening after prep.

Menus are available and sent to parents and guardians at the start of every term.