durand academy

Boarding operations

Our boarding school operates on the following basis:

  • The Executive Headteacher is in overall charge of all matters relating to boarding but delegates specific tasks to other members of staff.
  • The Head of Boarding deputises for the Headteacher in their absence, assisted by the deputy head of boarding, with issues relating to boarding.
  • The Headteacher is in overall charge of all matters relating to health and safety in the boarding house.
  • Boarding staff are responsible to the Headteacher, through the Head of Boarding, for the management of specific boarding areas and the welfare and care of the pupils in their charge.
  • Boarding staff act in loco parentis for the pupils in their boarding areas.
  • There is a responsible adult in charge of the boarding area at all times when there are pupils in that area.
  • Duty staff have a knowledge of the protocols for boarding and of the pupils for whom they are responsible.
  • Boarding staff are expected to become fully integrated in the life of the boarding school and will share duties with the Head and Deputy Head of Boarding during the extended day.
  • The Head of Boarding has overall responsibility for the domestic upkeep of boarding areas and the health care of all pupils.
  • The general principle is that the duty members of staff are responsible to the Head of Boarding for the well-being of the pupils in that boarding area during the time that they’re on duty.